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Here's what our customers are saying...

Just as it Was fixed the dent I had on my bumper. The body shop wanted to replace the bumper at the cost of $1140.29 and two days at the shop.  The only differance I see was the $600.00 price and Just as it was came to my home to repair my car. I tell all my friends how much I love their service. If you have a scratch, ding, small dent or any bumper repair I recommend call Just As It Was.


Rochester NY


"I could not believe the quality right in my driveway. The cost was half of what the body shop wanted. The repairs took less time than the movie I was watching."

"I recommend Just as it Was to everyone."


Spencerport NY


Just as it was is fantastic. Cliff came out and repaired my scratch on my 2008 Impala. The collision shop wanted over $450.00 telling me the needed to go into the next panel. Just as It Was repaired the scratch for $216.00 and keep the repair on the one door. I could not tell the scratch was ever there.


Pittsford NY




Fairport NY