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           People always ask how Just as It Was can cost so much less than a body shop. In addition to repairing the damage in a fraction of the time and still maintain a quality repair. My answer is simple lower overhead cost and experience. I don't have the major expenses of a building or all the costs that go along with it, thus passing the savings on to you.  With today’s state of the art equipment & paint material curing takes minutes not hours.  With my 35years of hands on experience in the auto body industry places me in the top elite. My devotion to your repair only means I only need the actual time for your repair making it a fraction of the time of the body shop. The body shop needs so much time because they work on multiple cars at the same time. The body shops put your repair in a production lineup with the rest of the day's repairs adding to their repair time needs.


       Just as It Was has the only BASF spot repair base coat clear coat system in Rochester utilizing a color swatch library with over 10,000 swatches and new swatches arriving all the time. This color swatch system enables us to use your paint code in our software and come up with several variation swatches. We then bring these swatches to the repair area to determine what color swatch formula will best suit the repair area allowing for small repairs instead of painting the entire panel like the body shop repair. Cutting repair time to hours not days.





Do I need to print a coupon?

No all you need to say is I saw your coupon on line. 



Is there a mess left behind?

No, we roll out the red carpet. Literally we roll out carpet to help with any mess.  





How long will the repair last?

Life time warranty*

*excluding rust repairs