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Body shop estimate $615.10   

Repair time needed at a body shop 2 days

Just As It Was Invoice $432.00

Start to finish 3 hours 45 minutes, right at customers work

Let's look at the time savings

Just As It Was 3 hours 45 minutes
body shop 2 days after you dropped it off.

Lets look at cost savings

Just As It Was $432.00
body shop $615.10

Total savings $183.10



      People always ask how can Just As It Was be so much less than a body shop. In addition to, repairing the damage in a fraction of the time and still have the same quality. My answer is simple lower overhead cost and experience. I don't have the major expenses of a building or all the costs that go along with it, thus passing the savings on to you.  With today’s state of the art equipment & paint material curing takes minutes not hours.  With my 35years of hands on experience in the auto body industry places me in the top elite. My devotion to your repair only, means I only need the actual time for your repair making it a fraction of the time the body shop has your vehicle. The body shop needs so much time because they work on multiple cars at the same time. The shops put your repair in a lineup with the rest of the shop production adding time to their repair needs.

      With Just As It Was there is no need to find someone to help you drop off or pick up your vehicle. No need to find alternate transportation while your vehicle is at the body shop. Just As It Was comes right to you at home or work to repair that scratch, ding, small dent and bumper repairs. With-state-of-the-art equipment & paint materials from BASF, dry time is minutes not hours. With all of this and a lifetime guarantee why would you go anywhere else.


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